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Therapeutic Nutrition

Reset BODY. Reset MIND. Reset POSSIBLE.
With the 3-Phase Ideal Protein Protocol.


Phase 1

By restricting carbohydrate intake, the Weight Loss Phase is designed to optimize fat loss through ketosis (a safe and natural state in which the body mobilizes stored fat as its alternative energy source). You’ll remain in Phase 1 until you have reached your weight loss goal.

What to Expect:
  • One-on-one coaching throughout your journey
  • A personalized approach to setting your weight loss goals based on your individual health profile
  • Primarily promotes fat loss while supporting muscle mass
  • Easy to prepare, affordable delicious food and recipes

Health Benefits:

  • Living at a healthy weight may provide health benefits for high blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetics;
  • After losing your excess pounds, you’ll have learned how many calories you burn in an average day, what food combinations to steer clear of and how to avoid weight gain while still enjoying the foods you love

Want to learn more?  Please Contact Us and our weight Loss coach will contact you with more information.

*Meadows I.D.A. Pharmacy is an independently owned and operated clinic/center authorized to promote and sell Ideal Protein® products and the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method. Consult for more information about the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method and Ideal Protein® products and services. Any express or implied statement herein that is not made by Ideal Protein itself or is otherwise inconsistent with or different from the express or implied statements contained in materials, including regarding any benefit, performance or specific weight loss expected or achieved with the use of the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method or Ideal Protein® products or services is made solely by Meadows I.D.A. Pharmacy, and Ideal Protein specifically disclaims any and all such statements that are not explicitly or implicitly made in, or that are otherwise inconsistent with statements in materials, and Ideal Protein explicitly disclaims any and all responsibility relating thereto. USEFUL IN WEIGHT REDUCTION ONLY AS PART OF AN ENERGY-REDUCED DIET.

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